OK Groomer…

I think the line okay groomer is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard this year so far. And it’s totally appropriate.

I do a lot of volunteer work, and that means that I have to take safe environment training every year. It only takes about 20 minutes online to renew and some of the courses aren’t actually that bad. The one on teenage alcoholism was actually quite interesting given that I have a bartender license I could tell straight away the two mistakes that were made during the lesson.

But I digress.

It’s been all over about Florida’s new law that prohibits teachers from talking about sexuality from fourth grade and under.

From Mike at Cold Fury. I’m with him. You can’t simply keep your cake-hole shut about your sexual life to children?

Why is this bad?

Given the safe environment course I just took, that those that work with youth in the diocese (like teachers) have to take as well, how is this not grooming? Talking about your sexuality to a minor not your child, and then having a policy where you tell them not to tell anyone about you when you’re having that conversation, especially if it’s about transitioning is 100% grooming behavior. I think I could identify at least three of the five grooming steps just from what these teachers are complaining about.

All the garment rendering from the alphabet people notwithstanding, this begs a couple questions;

Why do you think it’s appropriate to talk about your sexuality to a grade schooler?

And a great question that was asked Psaki in a White House press conference the other day – What age do you feel it’s appropriate to have that sort of discussion between the teacher and student? My answer would be never.

There’s been some funny commentary about this too. I saw meme on gab which I didn’t think the download but he basically said my thoughts exactly. Which are; I don’t think I even knew the first names of any of my teachers prior to fifth or sixth grade, and after that knew almost nothing about the personal lives. Nor did I care.

There’s another interesting question; Why do the alphabet people feel they have to constantly talk about their sexual proclivities?

I remember a time when talking about your sexuality was considered gauche. It still is. I have no interest in what consenting adults do to one another. And if you bring it up in my face, expect that I will have an opinion. You put yourself out there for judgment expect to be judged.

I’ve really had a gutful of this.

I consider sex education, especially the stuff I had in school, to be an utterly useless. Pretty much like driver’s ed. Which is how this should be handled.

You need your kid to learn this stuff that they probably know already? Sign them up for an afterschool class. Otherwise no one in the school has any business talking about the subject whatsoever with any kid.

I would argue the school interfering does more harm than good, especially in grade school kids. Johnny can’t read, write, or do maths but he’ll be able to transition. Lovely.

How about doing the job you’re paid to do?

There is no good that’s going to come from this for the alphabet crowd. Because they are basically arguing for something that they assured us Normies would never happen, and doing so brazenly.

They’ve asked for that “OK Groomer” line, and I’ll be delivering it every chance I get.

And woe to the teacher that sends a grandkid of mine down the path to alphabet confusion.

(Although with my shining influence, I’m going to guess they’ll have tough skin by that time)