OK Boomer…

What is it about old dudes that makes them think that everybody’s interested in what they have to say? And can positively not whisper, even if they thought to not just blurt out stuff.

I belong to a number of clubs and charitable organizations. Lot of these have old guys.

Hell, I’m an old guy.

I’m an old guy who spent a lot of his life listening to and playing loud music. Interestingly, my hearing is pretty sharp in one sense. I can sit in a quiet yard, park, or forest, and hear the critters scampering around.

What I can’t hear is what somebody is saying if there’s other people talking at the same level. It drives me berserk at mass when people are yammering as if it’s a Protestant meeting hall while the service is going on. It forces me to try and concentrate on one voice I’m supposed to be hearing, which is impossible because I can’t differentiate the voices.

This is what happens at meetings.

For whatever reason boomers, and they are always boomers, seem to feel entitled to chime in and comment while the leader is speaking – either to everybody assembled, or just the people at his table. The older guys, like the guys in their 90s, stay quiet or whisper as do the younger ones.

It’s horrifically rude, and disrespectful to both the speaker and those in attendance. Especially me, who in that particular group is the secretary and thus responsible for taking minutes. Impossible when you can’t understand the speaker because some boomer is muttering editorial commentary.

I’m to a point now where am simply going to ask for the floor, and unload.

God Help them if I’m running a meeting.