Covid Silliness

We have a corporate Yammer site. For those that don’t have the pleasure, it’s like a facebook for internal corporate employees. There are pages for pets, cooking, careers, and each department has a page, usually.

I don’t spend much time on it. I’ll post dog pics. Sometimes a recipe.

Just trying to fit in here.

What I don’t do, unless its for technical or corporate advice, is comment. I know how the field is striped here. From what I’ve observed, most of our worldwide employees pay these American hot button subjects any mind. It really would be just trying to insert logic in an otherwise emotional situation.

Besides, I’m not a white, millenial woman who seems to be the most chatty about all things ED&I and COVID.

Speaking of which, I found these pearls:

Leana Wen – My takeaway is

My biggest takeaway is this … fully vaxxed (i.e., vaxxed and boosted) people are 10x less likely to contract Omicron than non-vaxxed people.  This means they are 10x less likely to spread it to others.

It’s not about personal freedom – it’s about shared responsibility.

An executive who should know better

Here and I thought these guys were smart. What he’s talking about is a company wide web session where COVID gadfly and CNN mouthpiece Leana Wen gave a talk. She flat out gave the party line. She lied about some stuff, like vaccines. “Vaccines are meant to lessen the effects of the disease…”

My comment here is that statistics and personal observation say otherwise.

I know quite a few souls that got the coof. Nearly all were vaxxed. Most had the sniffles and fatigue for a few days. Of those that were curbed stomped by it, there wasn’t any correlation to vax status. I know both that suffered. Two I know in particular were quite healthy before. One vaxxed, one not.

The one correlation I have noticed is that nearly everyone I know that was stupid enough to get boosted got it a week after, to their confusion.

“I don’t get it, I got the booster!”

The shot doesn’t work. You weren’t listening. Matter of fact, squabbled with me when I pointed that out.

This one was hilarious:

Waiting at a Walmart to get my Covid booster dose.

Anyone wondering about the face gear, it’s a 3m half face mask with two p100 filters.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

A clearly, uh, “out of shape” dude in a mask.

Homey posted a selfie. He’s clearly…heavy… and he’s wearing one of these:

A $20 painter mask

Pure. Covid. Theater.

This is an industrial mask. 3 micron, from what I read. Twice the size of a virus. It’s meant to stop asbestos, paint, that sort of thing. Not even as good as a pedestrian n95. The do have n95 filters. He wasn’t wearing them.

And Walmart would be one of the the last places on this earth I’d let anyone give me a shot of any kind. FFS there’s medical systems that have actual pro nurses giving these shots. And you have no idea, none, how that vax was handled by the WalMart crowd.

No offense. There are nice folks working a Wally World. But there are also indifferent slobs.

Was it a slob or a pro that handled that shipment?

Obsessed enough to grab a stupid painters mask, but not necessarily where you get your healthcare. Right.

I’ve given up on talking to people about this. They know what they know, even if it’s wrong.

But the info is out there for all to see.

And as Jesus said – “Those with eyes ought to see”