Wood, Iron, & Blood

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any sort of book review. I’ve read a bunch, but never get around to saying anything about them.

Wood, Iron, and Blood, written by Peter Grant (of Bayou Renaissance Man) is a great story, well told, about a guy, Harry, a former navy vet that lost his wife and decided to head to California, taking his grandson with him. Keep in mind, he’s in his 50s in the story which is set in the 1840s, when wagon trains were heading to California.

The book is about their trip out on the wagon train, and getting setup once they arrive. What’s cool about the book is that Peter adapted all the aspects, and incidents from the trip on real stories, from real people. He adapted them to his characters.
Just like with his Ames series, he put a lot of research into how things were back then, which make his westerns even more interesting. He added an extra at the end on his research.

Makes me want to read some history about the period.

I will say that I bought the dead tree version, and it was worth the extra dough. I prefer reading actual paper and unlike my kindle, a paperback doesn’t need batteries.I’ve read “River of Horns” and “Walls, Wire, Bars, and Souls”, both were quite good. I’m about to buy the latest of his “Ames Archives” – “Silver in the Stones”. I enjoyed “River of Horns”, which was the previous book in the series.

So check out Wood, Iron, and Blood and some of the others in the Peter Grant Collection.