SCOTUS blocks the jab

The supreme court mostly blocked the vaccine mandate.


Because it still applies, apparently, to medical staff and only until it works it’s way through the courts. It’s shrinkflation of law. Like getting a sixpack only to realize all the cans are 10oz. now. Whelp…still beer I suppose.

If you haven’t seen the Dr. Malone interview with Joe Rogan, you should. I can’t find it any more, but I’m sure it’s out there. It was eye opening.

Today, I found this – How bad was your batch?

His was bad. Enough to make him seriously ill on the second shot. Keep in mind, he’s the dude that invented this stuff.

By the way, mine was worst than his. Way worse. My first jab had 37 deaths, about 12K ‘events’. The second had about the same, only 40 deaths. So if you haven’t checked the VAERS database, you should be doing that as well.

That said, I had no reaction. None at all. I sometimes think I had a saline injection – a control group thing.

Today we had a webinar with a “COVID Expert”. I put that in quotes because she patently towed the guberment line. She lost me when she described a vaccine as something that makes the inevitable infection less severe.

Less severe my Irish ass. That wasn’t the definition until relatively recently.

It’s all so tiresome. Can’t trust a word these mouthpieces say.

Only one that’s been right so far is Aesop, who said – right out of the gate – treat it like a cold or flu, wash your hands, wash your booger picker before shoving up your schnoz, stay clear of sickies. I’ve done that since I’ve read it and haven’t had so much as a sniffle.