Merry Christmas

I’m sitting here editing tons of video.

So I have time on my hands. As long as the audio plays OK, I don’t really have to stare at the video the whole time. Thank God! This stuff is dry as toast.

I was pondering a Christmas post, but as usual those on my blogroll do it better.

Adam Piggott has a great piece up today.

It’s Christmas Eve and I am in a country with no Christmas. The Muslims aren’t big on Christian holidays, you see. And I respect that. I was talking to a guy from Armenia the other day who was complaining that the locals won’t open up their country to other religions. Which was a bit funny because Armenia is the most Christian nation on the planet. They sure don’t tolerate the other side there and they are not about to let them in.

Adam Piggott

Clearly he’s in the middle east for work.

So I can’t celebrate Christmas where I am. I also can’t go to church, obviously. I can watch some Latin masses online, and I will do that, but it’s obviously not the same. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crying for attention here. I’m actually really content that I find myself in this position because this is the first Christmas in my life where I haven’t been bombarded with all of the fakery. You could say that this is my first non-cucked Christmas.

Adam Piggott

No kidding. Things have been nuts around here this week. It’s like everyone drank a gallon of super-spaz juice before heading out. The traffic has been insane. Not slow, mind you. More like Mad Max. People are in a frenzy to get things done for the holiday. Mostly shopping.

Speaking of which, WalMart is a sight to behold. Crowded as hell with walmartians. I had to pick up bottled water on my way back home, took one gander at WalMart’s parking lot and went “ahhhhh…hellllllnoooo” and went past my house to the more civilized Tom Thumb. I did brave WalMart yesterday for a hit-and-run. They have piles of gizzards (Tells you the clientele. Haven’t seen them anywhere else). I get them to grind into the chicken I cook for the dogs. I can’t pass up about a buck a pack. It was nuts, and I was lucky to get out with a minimum of fuss. Haven’t been anywhere since.

As I type these words I am listening to the call for prayer. The guy is really putting his heart and soul into it. I appreciate it when someone takes their role in life seriously. This is the year that I have really begun to take my own religion seriously. Whenever I meet locals here and the subject of religion comes up, and it always comes up, then I tell them that I am a devout Catholic. When they discover that I pray four times a day their faces light up. They think it’s unreal; a Westerner who is actually serious about his religion.

Adam Piggott

My face lights up when I meet another devout Catholic like myself.

The truth is that when you find yourself in a heavily religious country, even if it is another religion entirely, you start taking your own religion even more seriously. Surrounded by daily prayer, you pray. At least I do. I take my inspiration where I can get it. And this Christmas I give thanks at my great fortune in life, at all of the blessings which God has bestowed upon me. Not least of which is the fact that He gently directed this poor sinner and former lowly atheist back into His fold.

Adam Piggott

Amen, Brother.

I have a lot to be thankful about. Too much to list.

RTWT, and have a great Christmas!