What He Said.

ZMan had a great piece up today about our interesting times.

He has epic moments of clarity from time to time.

On top of the normal problems they face; they have a president who is so out of his mind that mocking him seems cruel. A big part of his low approval numbers is an anger at the regime for installing a vegetable in the White House. That is compounded by the fact that his second is about as popular as rectal cancer. Fans cannot call for the backup president because she is worse than a vegetable. The whole thing is a train wreck with no obvious solution.


That pretty much says it all. It would be funny to watch, if it weren’t for the mess they’ve already made.

It is a good reminder that the people running the empire are no geniuses. They are clever, but not smart. Clever people know how to wiggle out of tight jams, but smart people know how to avoid the jams. Bill Clinton was clever because he could always slip the noose, but never smart enough to avoid the trap entirely. The people running the empire were able to outflank the hapless Donald Trump, but they just created another mess for themselves in the process.


I think the word I’d use is “cunning” rather than clever.

Of course, removing Harris from office and finding a suitable replacement would end up being like one of those airport brawls. The Harris staff would leave only after a World Star quality melee posted on Twitter. Even if that could be averted, who would they find to replace her as VP? The Left does not have the “take one for the team” mentality when it comes to this stuff. The only plausible option is Hillary Clinton, who would take the job on the condition that Biden dies in 2023


They could do that. But for Hillary to get there this way would be like pouring gas on a fire. Biden is a meat puppet. Harris is a cackling dimwit. Hillary is pure evil, and viscerally hated. Remember, she lost, even with the cheating. And not by a little.

We are just scratching the surface when it comes to the many dangers for the regime that lie just over the horizon. The economy is doing things all the smart people claimed was impossible and it is getting worse. The COVID panic has turned into something of a UFO cult that is beyond the ability of the rulers to control. This is just the stuff we know about right now. The future is never bright for a gerontocracy, but 2023 is looking to be exciting times for our geezer overlords.


Heh…Gerontocracy. Geezer Overlords. Man, ain’t that the truth.

Inflation is way out of control, no matter what the brains trust is saying. Who are you going to believe? Them or your own lying eyes? For instance, Herself said I could swap my soccer mom RAV4 with a truck. But I’m not finding any that aren’t older than my existing car. Most have twice the mileage, are four years older, and a sticker of $25K+. Not for me. Time to look for beaters.

It’s going to go ugly. If you haven’t started stocking up on stuff and preparing for what is inevitable, you still have time. Some. Not Much.