Friday Dog Pic, and a Ride on the Pain Train

I have tons of these pictures:

Jethro with his Teddy

We had to recover that stuffed dog, which we bought for a grandkid, before it was destroyed. But the big dude had to have a cuddle first.

Now to the pain:

Little Dude can’t resist a van
This is gonna hurt. Hell, it already did.

What you are seeing here is several hundred pounds (about 1500 of them, all said, if my calculations are correct) of porcelain tile flooring for the sunroom that Herself has been after me to pick up for weeks. It took most of the afternoon to load it, bring it here, and unload it. The real pain will start in a few weeks as I install it. I have a small window in December where I can do this, before we may get a cold snap that’ll make the job ten times harder.

It’ll start this weekend by leveling the floor surface. Seems the knuckleheads that poured the foundation were off 1/8″ where it matches up with the slab. That’s well out of tolerance for large tiles. I should have made them redo the whole thing, but I thought at the time that I may simply stain/polish the concrete or use indoor/outdoor carpet.

Keep tuned, as I’m not allowed my normal alcoholic pain killer. All work, no beer, is sure to lead to some funny stories.