What Customer Service?

I loathe having to call doctors or companies for nearly any reason.

If I can’t find it or do it on the web, I’m already frustrated. Doesn’t take much for the angry to come out.

I’m in the middle of trying to get an appointment for a follow up. And the only reason I’m doing it is that the way medical care works these days, I can’t get the tests I want done from a normal doctor. I found this out when my wife was with me on a visit to my endocrinologist and she asked if they could do a test on me that she had done. The doc explained insurance wouldn’t pay if I weren’t in there for that specific problem.

I haven’t been to this particular doctor in over a year. I don’t remember things being this screwed up.

So I call.

First thing I have to endure is a minutes long lecture on their policy towards anyone not a patient visiting – like a caregiver, thanks to COVID. You know, this is an Oncologist. EVERYONE that comes in there, comes in with a caregiver of some sort. I finally get a person, they take my info for a callback.


Normally, you’d get transferred. Whatever.

So I get a callback right in the middle of another call for work. They left a message. No name. No callback number. Just “Call us back”. Call who and where? It wasn’t a number that I called earlier.

When I returned the call is when the fun happened.

After I pressed the key for scheduling an appointment, I get the “all our agents are busy” recording. This happened three times or so, then a ring, click, back on hold. Lather, rinse, repeat until there was just a click and I was cut off.

I’ve spent years working on call center systems. Most of the time, the problem is a minor tweak, or a user issue. The supervisor reads reports the system generates, thinks no way my guys are hanging up on people, and calls us up. So I monitor. And what I find is agents answering, sending the caller back to queue, or flat out hanging up.

Which is what happened to me, three times.

I was on my last try when my call was picked up by an indifferent woman who asked who called me. She took my info and said they’ll call back.

Not long after, another unmotivated midwit took my info and made an appointment.

Why did I bother? Honestly it made me remember why I stopped going. We’ll see.

Time for a grand purge. One of the things that’s a constant in my life is when I get bad service, I’m gone, never to return. While it’s harder to do this with the medical field, it’s not impossible. Time to hit Baylor’s portal and find new doctors.