A week…gone.

I’ve been off this week, burning more use-it-or-lose-it PTO.

I had big plans.

The garage needs cleaning, the mulch needs shoveling, I have planting to do.

Very little got done. I’ve felt crummy in the beginning, and still am having issues. I thought it may be the Coof, but now I’m nearly certain it’s allergies. My lungs have been triggered bad when I’m outside for more than an hour or so, or if I’m in the car with the dogs. Such it is in North Texas. There’s no “one” allergy season. I think each season comes with it’s allergies.

Herself has been off a few days, which is nice. We managed to get to a flooring warehouse to size up floors for the sunroom. I had been casually eyeballing tiles at Home Depot and Lowes, and wasn’t real thrilled at what I was finding. Herself won’t hear, whatsoever, of indoor-outdoor carpet. That would be cheapest and easiest. But also, probably a mess with the dogs. So I was happy to discover a floor tile we could agree on in the store at about a third the price of the bigbox stores.

But then again, Home Depot had HardieBacker boards cheaper. I need a surface other than the concrete for the tiles. I figured 15 sheets. She asked if we should pick some up while there. Seemed like a good idea until I asked if she really wanted a few hundred pounds of dusty, dirty boards in her new SUV. Besides, I wanted to see how to install it on concrete.

Turns out, you shouldn’t. It seems a Ditra liner is the way to go. Over twice the price, but it’ll save a ton of work, and will work better. Good thing I did some research.

Today, for sure, this pigsty of an office needs sorting out. Every surface has a layer of stuff that I was too lazy to put away – parts, spray cleaners, cups, insecticide, shoes, tools. I badly need to remove the monitors from my desk and clean.

Whelp….better get to it.