Fixing Hats

I pretty much will wear a hat whenever I will be outside for any period of time.

Reason being, I’m bald, and it’s Texas where your noggin can get fried in under an hour.

So I have a collection of baseball caps. Reason for a collection is I destroy them. You sweat like a champion down here in the summer, and if you are doing anything physical, your hat gets soaked around the band. This dries, leaving a white stain. So I buy hats whenever I can.

I was at a meeting where we were deciding to order hats, and after I told the logowear dude that I’d probably buy two, since one would be ruined in short order. While happy at that news, he said “Put them in the dishwasher. Works great”

And so it does:

Clean(er) hats

The blue one it cleaned better than new, because the grime was gone and it kept the great fading. The black one has been ‘bleached’ buy sweat. Mostly because it went forever before I did this.

So, there it is. My advice columnist tip for the day.