Head Clearing

I’m worn out from watching the news and complaining about it. Fed Up.

You know what cures that?


They don’t care about such things.

The weather broke here and it’s absolutely beautiful. Why not spend some time chucking a ball to the pups? They really are amazing creatures, and that line that we don’t deserve them rings true.

As I type this, one of them is scratching at the garage door near my office. What the hell? The garage is open. Turns out it was Jethro. It always is. Don’t know why he can’t go around to the dog door. Probably another ploy to get me up out of this chair.

They really are smart. I have a special tone when Herself texts me. It’s so that I go look at it, even if I’m busy. They know that sound as well, and know it means mommy may be coming home. And so it is. It’s usually to tell me she’s on her way, and to shut the door so the puppy doesn’t get outside the gate when she comes in it.

Mommy’s coming!

Soon as I shut it, they hold vigil until the gate opens. Once she closes it they pounce, and won’t let her be until she throws some toys around the yard for a few minutes.

I really don’t want them outside the wire, so to speak, since our property borders a busy street. We’ve had a few panic attacks when we first moved in, and the dogs got out to explore. Both black dogs understand more than a few commands – sit, stay, come, down, night-night. But they don’t always listen when they are free in a new environment.

Like today.

Jasper is still learning to walk with the pack. For the most part the two older dogs will walk side-by-side with me. The puppy is still too wired for that, especially when he sees a squirrel. And, he can pull like a sled dog when he sees one, as he did a block from home. So I snap his leash, he bumps into Aria (in the pink collar above), and her pinch collar drops off. CRAAAAAAP!

Took her a nanosecond to realize she was free, and started trotting away, after flashing that dog smile. It’s game-on now.




She stops, stays for a bit staring at us trying to catch up. Then trots away.

That’s when I start muttering foul curses. Luckily no one was around. She was half a block ahead in no time, heading right for the busy road. I got two dogs pulling me now and I can’t run with the lung issues I’ve had for a few weeks.


Stays, considers us for a few seconds, trots away.

She trotted straight down the sidewalk, turned on our walkway, walked to the door and sat down to wait for us.

Smart Dog. She got some praise for that, I tell you what. No idea why the collar failed. Wasn’t her fault, but in the end she did the right thing, even if it was the wrong way. Nothing more fun than busting the old man’s balls, I guess.

As I’m finishing, Jasper is laying next to me with the fan blowing on him. He’ll have a burst of energy or two left. Probably when I walk away from my misery in here and get something to eat. He’ll run around again when Herself posts, later tonight.

Then he’ll take up his customary spot on the couch while I stream something, and nod off like a toddler. Like I wish I could.

Can’t keep his eyes open