Hating on Interstate Batteries

I hate Interstate batteries. They are the only ones that have consistently failed me over these many years. The last one I had was in a 94 Camry twenty years ago. I pulled into the garage at work, turned the car off. Then for whatever reason turned it back on – I think I forgot to put it in Park, and needed to turn the key to “on” to shift it.

Then the battery exploded. Seriously. With a very satisfying explosion. I popped the hood to see a burst battery with acid sizzling on top of my motor. I had to get a coworker to drive me to get a new battery, some water and baking soda to neutralize the acid. All in my go-to-work clothes.

When I bought the car I have now, my dealer buddy crowed about being an Interstate dealer and that car has a brand new battry don’cha know. I remember groaning. But instead of jerking the thing out the minute I got home, I did the right thing and left it.

One day last week, I get in the car, hit the button and it groaned a bit starting.

Huh? Probably nothing.

I did what I had to do and came back. Thing was fine all day.

Then the next afternoon, I have an eye doctor appointment. So I waddle to the car, hit the button and it’s “errr…errr…clicktyclickclickclick..DAMMMIT!”

Fuggin Interstate. Disaster waiting to happen.

My choices are few.

Walk to Wally World, and maybe they have one that I can grunt back. Uber to a parts store? or do what I did, which is dig through my tools and pull out the ancient battery charger I’ve had for 40 years. As I was doing this I remembered my son telling me the trials and tribulations of changing his oil at his place. He said, “You know, It’s a lot easier to do this with having all the tools around” Like I do, and like I have. I still have my dwell-tach that I bought when I was in high school.

Plugged in, the damn thing pulled 3 amps. after an hour or so it was pulling 2, and oozing. Lovely.

So I gave it a shot and it fired up.

Off I went to AutoZone to pick up a new one. The hot rod has it’s own tool set, so I grabbed a new one and installed it right there in front of God and everyone, taking the old one back in. So I’m back in business, almost $200 lighter. Double what I remember these things costing.

Next time I’m looking at a car and I see that dreaded logo, I’m negotiating a discount to cover a proper battery.