Jasper Update

Last night wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

After closing the computer down, I took off the boy’s lampshade and laid down with him on the couch. He had a good two hours sleep, until he had enough and went into his crate.

So I had to re-install his lampshade.

He slept all night. In the morning he was sitting in his crate waiting to get out, with the lampshade next to him.

He went out, just as Aria flushed a rabbit from under the shed, and it was game on. Him doing exactly what they told me not to have him do. Dude’s too active to sit in his crate.

He didn’t eat much, but enough to get his medicine.

And since then, he’s been my shadow, which is fine. Although, what he’s doing is following me around, bumping into the back of my knees with his stupid, sharp lampshade. It’s really irritating.

Aria doesn’t care for it either, as he’s gone up to play and stabbed her with the dumb thing as well. So she snarls at the little dude the second she sees him. There’s a human corollary somewhere there, I’m certain.

Right now, he’s at my feet, snoozing. And spazzing. I’m sure it hurts. His leg looked like a chicken leg you peeled the skin off of. It was bad.

But he’s on the mend, and that’s all that matters. Sure, it’s $500 on the card. The card that my Ortho Doc’s office just plunked back over $800 they over charged. So, it wasn’t a hit, really.

This area never fails to amaze me. Our vet closed like two minutes after it happened, but there’s three 24 hour emergency vets nearby that open up starting at 6PM.

Dude was patched up within an hour of it happening. Sent home in an hour with medicine.

For $500.

Try that on a human. Something’s wrong there.