One Vine


So awhile back, I put in some raised gardens.

I planted one cucumber vine that I picked up at Home Depot. Then built a trellis for it to climb. After awhile, we’ve been getting cucumbers every day. Way more than we can eat. Which is a good thing, since I’ve taken a liking to Greek Salad, which is mostly Cucumber. What’s amazing is it’s growing in a combination of dirt that was dug out of the foundation and dogshit/mulch. ‘

It’s now August, and it’s hot as crap. The tomatoes gave up and dried to a crisp. Yet this vine is still going.

So I made Pickles.

Lots of pickles.

Series 4 pickles

This batch was probably the fourth that I’ve made. They are quite good, as it turns out. This batch was maybe 1/3 of that I have on hand. So I came up with an idea to do relish. That’ll get the rest.

Sad thing is, pickles are cheap and we don’t use many. So you’re looking at a years worth so far.

Not bad for a $3.98 plant.

Soon, they’ll quit, and I’ll retool the gardens for the fall seasons, which in this case will be beets, radish, Broccoli, and whatever else I think of.

These gardens worked so well, in the next month I’ll put in a third.