I can watch this all day

My new mental patient channel on Youtubes is ViceGrip Garage.

I can watch this dude all day.

What he does is find abandoned relics, gets them running, and drives them home. Usually. Although one episode he got beaten by an F-250 that spent way to long rotting.

Why do I like this?

First and foremost, until relatively recently, all I drove were beaters. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up a ride for free or cheap, drove the crap out of it, and sold it for a modest profit. The three best I’ve had were Oldsmobiles with the Rocket motors. A 1972 98 that I paid $200 for, a 1975 delta 88 and a 1973 Cutlass I got for free were the best. I spent less that $100 for water pumps, hoses, and big tune-up, and drove all three until I was sick of them.

The two most recent were a 1994 DeVille, which was the devil’s spawn and a 1983 Chevy van , dubbed the ‘mobile love palace’ that I shouldn’t have given up. I’m in the market now for an older truck, but they are rare and pricey.

But I’ve had more than one like this:

Long ago, My roommate and I bought a 1964 Cadillac Hearse with a frozen motor for $300. We got the motor unstuck and purring, just like in the video here. Sort of tells you how well these motors built out of good old American pig-iron were built.

I love the guy’s style:

  • “Will it work I don’t know”.
  • “That’s Factreee” – when it’s clearly a kludge.
  • “So I did the right thing….” and did the exact opposite.
  • “That should be fine probably not” when he sees something destroyed.

Check it out. I’ve watched every one.

Makes me want to score another beater. We’ll see.