What? In Plano?

My old hometown had a spot of bother over the weekend. Seems BLM was marching on behalf of some dude that died in Collin County Jail back in March. Timing is sure off, considering how long it’s been and that the real protest – the honest one, happened back then at the municipal center where it belonged.

This didn’t happen there.

As usual, Tatum’s take on this is spot on and his news aggregator site had more information than I could find anywhere.

From the video, what I see are monied dimwits, chronic malcontents, some commie agitators and LARPers. This wasn’t a protest. This was bullying, pure and simple. And I’ll add that this happened on the far northwestern Plano border – many miles from City Hall, the Jail, and the courts. It’s an intersection of a mall, shopping centers, and restaurants. But not like you’d see in downtown, like you’d see at the intersection of two highways. In this case North Dallas Tollway and SH 121. (that’s State Highway (SH) for the yankees reading this)

Who was the audience here?

The people munching on chicken and waffle fries at the Chick-Fil-A? People walking to the stores from their parking spots 50 yards away? Bullying, clear and simple. Or a test.

I grew up in the Northern Virginia. We’d go downtown Washington DC all the time, since it was only a dozen miles away or so. When I was living in Alexandria, my roommate and I would go to the mall on weekends, drink beer (the national park service sold beer then), and walk around watching the tourists, drinking, and catching rays.

One thing about Washington DC; Someone is ALWAYS protesting something. You get immune to it. On the mall, or Lafayette square, you can find this or that group, like PETA in a permanent state of snit. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was my roommate engaging with a PETA girl, talking about taking care of the animals. It took her a good five minutes to catch on that what he meant by “taking care” was “preparing to cook”. At that point is when my roommate did the creepy close talking thing. It’s been over 30 years and I still laugh about it.

The other thing about protests, in DC at least, is you’ll never get the real story. For instance, every January the March for Life happens. 200k-300k on the Mall, clogging traffic and the rail system. Yet, you’d never know it. I used to work across Lafayette Square from the White House. We went to lunch one day, looked across the square and saw some red flags. Hmmm..somebody grinding an ax. Well, where do you want to eat? Maybe 30 flags, small crowd, no one paying attention. And why would they? It was a beautiful spring day. On the news I saw the report about the throngs protesting for Tibet at the square. Really? I walked right past thinking nothing of it.

Every so often one of these groups of protesting fools would block a bridge into the city.

DC area traffic is painful. On a good day the main artery into the city, Shirley Highway (i395), is gobbed up for 15-20 miles. Pretty much all inside the beltway and a little more. When these fools block a bridge, traffic is excruciating. Everything seizes up.

And that’s the point where you’ve not only lost your cause, you’ve made blood enemies. I’ve never heard one person – not one – say “Well, they had a good cause” or “They mean well”. Not Ever. What I’d hear was “Jesus if I were there I’d chuck them off the bridge”

And that’s what’s going to happen here.

The median home price in Plano is $427K, in Frisco $540K and where this happened was on the Frisco/Plano border and thus the upper half of that median. The Texas AG has weighed in, and I’m certain there are calls and emails flooding the city council and the police to see what they are going to do about this. There will be no “it was a good cause” going on here. There’s no one being persecuted here of any color.

This isn’t Portland or Austin. There’s an election coming and these politicians want to keep their phoneybaloney jobs. So they will crack down hard next time. Because if they don’t, someone else will.

I also think it was a test of sorts for BLM Inc. I hope these cretins have figured out that this behavior won’t fly here. They got away with it because it was a surprise. They were also on the border, and I’m thinking, since I only saw one cop-one unit in the extended video, that it was cleared pretty fast. I learned about it first on gunfree zone. I’ve yet to meet a local that knew anything about it. And Plano PD, even with it’s wokester Chief is a pretty professional outfit. BLM/ANTIFA tried silliness around Legacy center and Plano PD showed up in force and scattered them like a flock of pigeons.

This was bullying. Look at the video. Witness the black lady recording with her phone sitting in the back seat of a black Lexus RX SUV.

Ain’t no one being persecuted in Plano or Frisco by the Police. Trust me.