A Doofus Update

When I run dry on things to write about I write about my dogs because they’re an endless source of entertainment. There almost as funny as kids for doing stupid things and driving you insane. But that’s not what I’m writing about today. I’m writing about the fact that we’ve hit a bit of a milestone. Take a look at the doofus puppy:

Jasper (on the right) is the doofus in question here

He’s reached the point where he is the same physical size as our female dog. He’s probably clicking in at 50 pounds. So she’s got 10 pounds on him, mostly muscle mass and fur, but he’s physically as tall and as long and he’s only eight months old. The vet said he would double his weight at his four-month visit, which he clicked in at about 40 pounds. So he’s going be about the size of our big dog.

But he’s still a puppy. His current game is to steal something from me, mutilate it, while making me chase him to get it back. This happened when I was trying to fix the spa and lost track of the fitting that I probably was going to need. I ended up picking it up later in the yard, destroyed. This is why I buy two of everything.

This is all well and good if it’s something as simple as a plumbing fitting that costs $0.50. When it’s your brand-new spatula, it’s not. He’s gone through four of these things at least until this week when I decided to throw them in the sink if I wasn’t using them. You see, I leave them on the cutting board when I’m done cooking and he’s plenty big enough to reach up on the counter and just snatch it. Then it’s game on!

The only solution thus far has been to find something else more desirable, like a squeaky ball, and trade him.

I’ve written a post in the past about using scaat cans to deter the little monster. But you gotta remember to turn them on. And with this little doofus they go through an amazing amount of compressed air, at $17 a pop. Let’s say he’s not the brightest tool in the drawer.

He’s full of energy, which is fine as the other two big dogs keep them in line. When he goes off the rails I know in no time at all I’ll hear him squealing in pain as one of the other two bigger dogs put them in the pain locker for being a screwup. Too bad humans don’t do that anymore. But I digress.

I don’t know if he’s learned from Jethro, or just something that male dogs do. But both of them can be extremely destructive. I looked down the other day and Jasper was chewing an old shoe of mine to pieces as Jethro got hold of what was left of a football. This is something our female doesn’t do whatsoever.

I have a dim recollection of Jethro being high energy like this. So I’m thinking the little dude will calm down soon enough, probably within the next year. If he keeps following his big brother he’s going to be one cool dog.

What a lovable doofus.