Going to be a Great Weekend

It’s late in the day on a Friday. I’m pretty much done for the week, my backups are running, and Aria is nudging my elbow. The one attached to the shoulder that had surgery. She’s trying to tell me that it’s will be time to put my feet up, and plan out the weekend. All the chores are done heading into the weekend the biggest of which was to bathe three messy dogs that spent all week last week frolicking in the snow and the wet. The floors been cleaned the beddings been changed and the wet dog smell is gone.

Should be a nice weekend. It’s supposed to rain, but that’s okay. I have some work to do inside anyhow. First and foremost doing a permanent repair to the water supply line that busted in the cold. The cold that was so last week.

Where I’ll be in a half hour or so.

This week has been mild and sunny. Well, except for the hail last night. Which turned out to be nothing. The cars are covered in the carport I put up pre-surgery. So I wasn’t going to worry.

Best yet, the missus ordered olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Texas Hill Country Olive Company. This stuff is fantastic. This is the kind of olive oil that you pour in a dish with some black pepper and eat it plain with bread. The balsamic vinegar, when put on a piece of salmon, which you then roast, is fantastic. Combined, the two complement a salad like you’ve never tasted.


She also ordered olive salad, which has me jonesing for a Mufaletta. I had to go out and get ham just for the occasion.

As I get older I look more for quality than quantity. And there’s simply no comparison to these things. You really have to order some. We actually visited this place when we’re down in the hill country. They have a little store that overlooks olive orchards. The owner told us that it turns out that the Texas hill country weather and soil is very similar to the Mediterranean, so olive trees thrive.

Hopefully the boy posts early enough to move the washer so I can fix the pipe quickly, so I can tuck into a Mufaletta for lunch. Shouldn’t be a big job. Hardest part will be figuring if I want to replace it and do it right (they did something stupid on the cold water feed), or simply sweat on a connector and fix it quickly and properly. That’s where I’m leaning.

I’ll post pictures of the fun. I’m not real proud of the quick repair I had to do. But it was in single digits, I needed to fix the damn thing in the water back up quickly.

The shoulder’s still a little on the sore side. Hopefully that task won’t leave me popping hydrocodone like M&Ms.