Dogs are Smart

I often marvel about how smart dogs are. But maybe it’s because we’re stupid.

We’ve had a spell of really cold weather lately. Much colder than it normally gets around here. In most things in nature, things slow down in the cold. Not us humans. We gotta do what we gotta do.

We had a bit of ice here this morning, and I, like a dumb ass, with my recently patched shoulder, was out checking things. I watched two of the dogs playing and chasing one another, hitting a patch of ice on the driveway, doing the scramble for traction before going on their way. This was pretty funny, up until the point almost in the same damn thing.

For the rest of the morning, the dogs for the most part, didn’t want anything to do with the cold. The little one blasted out to bark at something. Jethro went out the door, sized things up and walk right back inside. And there the three of them stayed, curled up in the comfiest of spots, pretty much until the sun came out.

The two dudes typically hang out together.
Crazy girl would normally be outside, or standing at the window waiting for squirrels. This morning she was content to lay with her chin on the window.

The sun ended up coming out later in the afternoon. It was still really cold, but the sun was warming up their coats and they were happy to play.

Taking that as a signal, I decided to venture out to Walmart to stock up on dog food in preparation for the coming weather. I hadn’t been out since I had been to my orthopedic surgeon to check out his work on my shoulder. I probably shouldn’t be going out whatsoever until I’m stronger.

Nevertheless off I went. I never, ever go to these places on a Saturday if I can avoid it whatsoever for good reason. But when I found myself in this state month or two ago, the only people who had the type of food I ordered for the big dogs (and wasn’t showing up) was of all places, Walmart.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lack of socialization, even in the worst storm prep I’ve had to do when I lived up north. I had two people literally walk in front of me. Here I am pushing a cart with my one good arm and some fool just comes out of the side aisle and sticks his palm up as if I’m trying to cut into the line at a nightclub. I nearly ran over the prick.

I had another one, who was really tall, simply walk straight in front of me on the way out the door, with me nearly hitting him as well. I nearly bumped into him and said can you really not see us little people from up there? And for the record I’m not little.

There are more examples from my day that don’t include Walmart. Things that you think “you know, there’s something off here” but can’t put your finger on it. I did and it’s called lack of socialization. They are simply missing the skills like courtesy, etiquette, and perception that somebody else might be around and may not like what they are doing.

My dogs don’t put up with this stuff. If they see another dog that doesn’t know how to act around other dogs, they pretty much teach them right on the spot. It was concerning when they did it to the little guy. But it was something he needed to have happen. Now, instead of blasting in and straightaway taking Jethro’s toy, or challenging him, he stops looks and then decides. And this decision is probably whether or not it’s worth having a big dude like Jethro grab you by the head with his jaws.

Were not allowed to do that as humans. Nor are we allowed to smack people, run into them with carts, call them names, or offend them in any way no matter how stupid they are acting. And they need it. These are things that would’ve happened to me had I acted like them back when I was young. It’s why I know not to do them now.

When the cold and ice happen next week and I get the dumb idea to waddle out, I’ll take a cue from the pups and just simply curl up in my chair with my Kindle until it’s all over.