Apple Watch – Wrap

Back here, I reviewed an apple watch, series 1.

Now that I have some time on it. I can elucidate on how it performs over time. Like those car reports where they drive the thing for a few years to say how it’s been.

What it’s been is largely a waste of money.

Let’s start with the minor stuff. The battery life has mostly held up. It appears to be a day and a half or so, nearly guaranteeing that when I need to go somewhere, half the time it’ll be wasted and I have to put it on a charger. This will happen if I go to bed and it’s at 60% power or so. By the time I wake up, it’s 40 or less.

The updates are endless and irritating. It insists on being on the charger for this, and they seem to be every other month.

It doesn’t sync texts with your phone. So you may have deleted old texts from your phone, but they’re still on the watch and a major pain in the nuts to delete.

And I really don’t care about the reminders that I’m not exercising, or how much screen time I’ve had. FFS, I work in IT, I’m in front of screens eight hours a day. Five of them, as a no-shit matter of fact.

So I’m about to replace the screen, yet again.

The first time I replaced the screen, it was due to impact damage. Twice. First time I sailed off the spa onto the concrete when I closed the cover. Things when downhill from there until I replaced it. Then the other night, I noticed it was flapping, dead as hell. I put it back but it’s dead has hell.

While I liked being able to see texts without digging my phone out of my pocket, Tapping to see the weather, or “find my phone”, the things more trouble than it’s worth. By the time I replace the screen again I’ll be over $400 into it.

That’s one hell of a normal watch, for that money.

So that’s where I’m going back. If I wear one at all.

I’ll fix it and throw it on Mercari. The only reason to replace the screen is to ensure my data is off of it.