The Continuing Crisis

I was playing with my fancy Dragon software, recording one of my rants, and thought to  myself; “this is great I should publish this!” Then I looked and saw I had a very similar rant already published. So this is how things go. But I will take the best parts of that rant and scribe them down as I’m doing now.

All the trouble in the world today, these nobs that are protesting rioting solutions to make a perfect world fall into two big categories first is de-fund the police, the second burn it all down and we’ll build it back.


De-fund the police

De-funding the Police is as infantile logic as gun control. Ban guns, then there’ll be no gun murders! Sure, if you have less police, or no police, then there will be nobody shot by police! Problem Solved! Here’s the deal, the police fulfill a vital role. They do a job, often a dirty job, that has to be done. These fools never see the day-to-day crap the cop has to deal with.

There is a situation that happened here in North Texas where some idiot girl used social media to advertise for a pool party. The problem is she lived in a house that had been set aside for section 8, by its unthinking owner. Not being an actual resident, She had no access to the pool. But that didn’t deter her, she set up in the park next to the pool. Well, what happened was that “kids” showed up and wanted into the pool, so they went bug shit and climbed the fence and created all sorts of mayhem. To which, since this is McKinney, a well-to-do suburb, the police showed up.

And then of course we got the inevitable video. A 15-year-old black girl getting put down on the ground with her knee on her back, by a pissed off cop. If you actually watched the whole video what you’d see was the cop telling the girl and others to beat it. She walks across the street and then turns back and gets in the cop’s face. That’s when bad things happen to her.

And of course the usual suspects did a lot of hand flapping and finger-pointing (as seen in the clip). Never bothering to look at the whole video, or find out the situation behind the whole incident. Turns out the cop had come to that ruckus from a suicide call, where a father put a bullet in his brainpan with the family in the house.

Can you imagine dealing with that sort of trauma and misery and then having to deal with a 15-year-old loudmouth getting up in your grill? She’s lucky she’s still alive. No one caring about his side of the story, he ended up retiring. I will also add that kids today are pretty thick. When I was that age, and the law showed up, the party was over. Time to be somewhere else. Like Gandalf said in the mines of Moria – “perhaps our presence will go unnoticed”. I’d never, ever, gave a cop lip at that age.

They were at a fake pool party, they stormed the pool. Cops showed up. They got in the cop’s face. At what point do they realize they’ve been had and leave? They don’t. They miss that point in the commentary in the video. You know what’s different, from my experience? The person that did that to a cop when I was that age would get a wood shampoo. It has zero to do with race, and everything to do with tossing gas on a volatile situation. As I said above, anyone with a triple digit IQ knows when the party is over. Those lower, well, it’s a ‘teachable moment’. Looks like not only was nothing learned, they learnt the wrong lesson.

Here’s the other aspect of the concept that police perform a vital function. I’ve heard it said it’s not that they keep criminals away from the public, they keep the public away from the criminals. What you think is going to happen when we get rid of the police departments? I can tell you what can happen. People are going to protect what’s theirs. If they have to band together, armor up, and take care of business themselves, you can see a whole other story. Not only are you never going to hear from these troublemakers again, if you even find their bodies, they may even act preemptively. Take a look what happened when Yugoslavia broke up. Couple of neighborhood fellas want to talk to some other people in the neighborhood advising them that it would be best if they moved. Like next week. Even now as I speak with all this misery in Minneapolis, people are forming militias. People will protect what is theirs. That happens at scale, and you’ll be waxing romantic about the days we had some semblance of professional law enforcement.

I’m not saying that some police departments don’t need reforms; they do. But I think the people crowing to get rid of them have no idea what function police serve. I used to love to watch the show “Cops”. My one impression watching this was there was no way in hell I could do that job. Here’s why; In the early part of my career I spent a lot of time installing cable TV in bad neighborhoods. So I can tell you from some experience these people crowing have no earthly idea what they are talking about. I’ve seen some god-awful stuff and I was only installing TV service. Most have no idea what goes on. None. The stories I’ve heard from cops will cause your blood to run cold.

Burn it down and start over

Seems like a great idea! Except the people saying this are many, many times more stupid than the founding fathers. The system we have is not great, it just happens to be one of the best in the world. Are there problems? Of course. They should be fixed. As a matter of fact I would argue that if you actually followed the system and people followed, and enforced, the laws we wouldn’t be having these problems.  All we have to do is uphold the law, collect them up, charge them, try them, and punish them. Things will stop pretty quickly. As a matter fact we are starting to see stories about this or that hapless soul that is now being charged in these riots.

If your angry studies degree didn’t land you a good job, wait until you add a criminal record to it. I hear restaurants will often hire these kinda folks, if there are any open these days. Maybe they could drive a tow truck? Then again, that takes hard work and skill, something that obviously missing in this crowd.

Judging but from what I’ve seen about these fools, the system you’re likely to replace the current one with will just be a spoils system. None of them, not one, looked at the Russian Bolshevik revolution, or the French Revolution. I’m betting they think that this is where the people took over and finally, things were fixed. That didn’t happen. And it was a long time before it even came close. Millions suffered and died. And among the very first to suffer and die were the fools that kicked it off in the first place. Pro tip: When someone gets power this way, the first thing they do is kill off the people that got them there, because they know how to do it. Mull that one over.

There’s a book called the fourth turning. We currently are in the crisis mode of the fourth turning. Which means the current generation has not only forgotten the lessons of their ancestors, they think they’re stupid. So they’re going to have to learn these lessons, probably painfully, before it’s all over. It’s happened every hundred years since this country was founded. We don’t need these idiots to be coming up the new system. Their children, if they have any at all, will probably have to.