Some thoughts on Covid

When Covid19 first came out I spent quite a bit of time studying what was, and how would affect me. I like math so, for instance, when one of my cancer doctor said I had an 85 to 95% chance of being cured by just doing chemo and radiation, as opposed to surgery which had a substantial risk of me checking out, I said “I like those odds let’s do that”

So when I looked at Covid, again I liked my odds. To be honest, I work at home. So the grand total of how this is affecting my life, other than fully paper scarcity, and being able to go out to a restaurant have a meal, I’ve been largely unaffected. Weirdly enough, in a two income household I somehow am eligible for government cheese. Doesn’t appear like I’m the only one either, as seems a ton of my neighbors suddenly seem flush with cash and are doing lots of remodeling.

So I wanted to comment but others do it better

I can find no argument with these two links:

First thoughts on Covid
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Probably the most disturbing thing is that this seems to have brought out the inner Stalin in a lot of the people that we elect to run our affairs.

I live in Texas, which is handled the issue pretty reasonably. Not great, but okay. What some of the other governors have done is probably the most nonsensical silliness I think I’ve ever seen in my life. God help those poor people that live in their state.

I had a funny Facebook post about going into FedEx Kinko’s and wanting to buy a box. I was already in the store, and spent five minutes or so arguing with the clerk that all I wanted to do is by an f-ing box, and I’d be gone. But no, she shooed me out the door for the lack of a mask. I went literally across the street to UPS store which not only had the box I needed was totally okay with me buying it in their store.

It wasn’t more than three weeks later that like an idiot I went back to FedEx. And I had to buy a very specific box. Basically was to ship a guitar that I’d sold and I did have a mask this time. I spent 10 minutes of idiotic conversation to try and buy a stinking box. I learned my lesson and back I went to UPS.

What I said in my post at the time was that I have a long memory for this kind of bullshit.

I have now a decent size list of stores whose doors I will never darken. I have another group of stores that I never spent much time shopping in that have handled this thing amazingly and now have earned a customer for life, more or less.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere for these people, and it’s that I’m pretty forgiving. There are many more that are not.

The other one is God help those politicians that screwed this up. They had two choices; a bad one, and a worse one. Many of them took the worse one and will pay the price come November.