Eurolux Percolator

I’m not a huge coffee drinker.

Coffee and Alcohol do about the same thing to my guts. I’ll go for some time with neither. Then, I’ll start drinking coffee. I’ll have a cup, then think all is well and I start drinking it every day. After a few weeks, my guts are sour and will stay sour until I stop, forcing me to learn that lesson yet again.

But every so often, I like a cup.

We have a Keurig at home, which is a device from the evil one. It’s so easy, you lower your standards. It’s also quite expensive. That $7 box of cups has about $.50 of actual coffee. ‘Tis a racket. I think many times we lose track of old school methods to do nearly anything that is cheaper or easier using the latest gadget. It was this very reason that I gave up my Mach 3 razor in favor of an old school safety razor. Turns out once you learn to use it, you get a better shave for far less money.

Our Knights of Columbus Council serves coffee and donut holes after masses every Sunday. They even have their own brew that they have the local roaster to produce. It’s really good and they serve it from  old school percolator urns, as opposed to the drip carafes that others might use. Really smooth. I watched a video of Cowboy Kent Rollins making  cowboy coffee .  That’s a little rustic for me, but in it he explains how cooking the coffee mellows it, not unlike a percolator, which cooks the coffee and runs it past the grounds repeatedly. 2+2= I think I need a percolator.

So I hit Amazon and bought this one. The Eurolux ELB-3016.


What attracted me was the price, the stainless steel construction, and durable build, which describes this pot in a nutshell. It’s guts fit snugly, and are easy to assemble and clean. I loaded it up with Community Decaf, and stuck it on the stove and immediately noticed that one of the things that this method does, that the Keurig does not, is fill the house with the awesome smell of brewing coffee.

Once it starts bubbling, turn it down and it go for 10 minutes or so.

What comes out is magic.coffeecup1

As I get older, I’ve come to realize that it’s worth learning how to do things old school and then make them habits. This pot is simple as it gets. It doesn’t require power like a Keurig or Mr. Coffee, and can be used on my propane stove or grill.

This’ll be in the camping kit for sure.