Politics is stupid…

Politics is getting really stupid these days. We have many, many politicians that have no clue how anything works. And worse yet, no clue how their constituents live or what is important to them. Could be the Dunning-Kruger effect. Although more than likely, It’s a combination of all of these factors. And, as we’ve seen in many states, they are mere reflections of a horribly ignorant populace. So, as a public service. Let me explain politicians.
First, Whatever they say, they will do something different. (Fundamental; Politicians lie)
As Thomas Sowell put it, politicians first care is to get elected, followed by re-elected. Whatever is third is far behind. Democrats will vote party line, no matter what they tell you. And as their party is run by lefty lunatics, that’s how they will vote. Interestingly, as we’ve seen in Virginia of late, the skin suit is off and they are openly advocating against the public interest. This is how you get no prosecutions, no punishment for theft under $900 or so, the overriding of local zoning to open single family neighborhoods to high density, and flat out saying they’ll take your guns.
The Republicans are little better. You can count on them to vote in their own interests, which could be as simple and stupid as not wanting to be called a racist, sexist, homophobe, meanie. You can count on one hand or so those on the “R” side of the aisle that vote what’s good for the country.
Second, Whatever goodies they are promising, you’ll never get any.
    Doesn’t matter what it is – Free college, Free medical care, UBI. You won’t see it. Why? We’re broke. We’re beyond broke. As a matter of fact, we’re over $20T in the hole and whatever money there is is spoken for. Hell, the interest on that nut is soon to be the lions share of the money they collect an it’ll get far worse. Are you on welfare or on public housing? What do you think will happen when the music stops? You can bet that unless you are utterly hopeless, you’ll be out on the street. Thinking of retiring? We aren’t even at peak boomer retirement yet and the system is now tapping “the trust fund”, which never existed anyhow. Everything, but everything, will be means tested. Have two nickels to rub together? They’ll take one and since you have one left you don’t need as much of your social security, if any at all. What does that mean for free college, and UBI? Forget it, that’s what. As they will forget it the instant they are elected.
Have the rich pay for it? Yeah…That has never worked. There isn’t anywhere near enough dough. As Aaron Clarey says – “Math is coming, and it’s going to kick your ass!”. These fools understand no math, and a day of reckoning is closing fast.
Lastly, If they are proposing solutions, it’s not a solution, or it’s for a problem that doesn’t exist.
The first one that hit my mind was Obamacare. If they really sized up the problem, they’d have found the lack of health coverage of some was fairly easily solved. Many were illegal immigrants. Deny them coverage? No. But Uncle Stupid should reimburse the hospitals. You let them it, you pay. The other big one was those with pre-existing conditions. That’s a small group, easily solved. What they did was screw it up for all.
The other one, more current is the lefties obsession with “assault rifles”. These are used in a very, very small number of murders. We know who’s mostly doing the killing, and we know how they do it. Simple application of existing laws would go a long way. The ones that have used these weapons are visibly crazy. Everyone knew, no one did or could do anything. Why? Because one of the “solutions” they came up with in the 70’s was to mess up state mental hospitals and make it virtually impossible to lock up loonies.
Most recently, it was that dementia ridden geezer Biden, going on about Corona-chan. “We should be over there helping them!” Who said they asked? Who said they’d want a bunch of honky round-eyes in their business? Seems drastic, but they seem be handling matters. “He [Orangeman] cut funds to the CDC! we need to fund them more!”. Fund them more? This is the EXACT thing we pay to have them exist in the first place. They need to do their jobs, we’ve paid for it.
The only saving grace is Orangeman. Step back, he doesn’t appear to be doing bad. Certainly better than other recent presidents. And the opposition?
Clown car doesn’t even fully describe it.
What do we have?
Two geriatric back bencher senators. One a marxist commie, one a creep. Both have zero legislation to their names, let alone any accomplishment. Both have been in elected office their whole career. They’ve done nothing else, yet somehow they are both wealthy.
Two old women senators. Both utterly lacking charisma. One, a lying, double dealing hypocrite, who bellows like a fishwife and reminds everyone of “Mother in Law” or “Ex Wife”. The other seems like “Marge from the bridge club”, only more annoying.
One short, gay, mayor of a small town – littlegayman. Hasn’t one accomplishment to his name. Doesn’t appear to even have been a decent mayor. He also has a compulsion to smooch with his “husband” after debates. That’s a big, big, issue two big constituencies he’ll need to get elected.
Lastly, littebigman – Bloomberg. Buying into the party late. Super nanny state guy. He was successful only because Giuliani fixed so much. He’s the antithesis of what the bulk of the lefty base want. Also, used to be a republican. When it suited him.
Think of what those last two will look like to TV viewer standing next to Orangeman. Think of after, when the spouses come on stage. Trump’s wife will tower over the last two. Images like that won’t sell.
I”m not hopeful. We’re heading into a mess.
Only thing left is entertainment value.