Whoa! it’s been quite some time since I’ve added anything here.

I was overcome by events. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

So, let’s start.

Behold, the end tables, which I have as the main pic up above.


They came out OK. One thing I’d like to add about Harbor Freight from my last post; with some things you buy there, in my case an air sprayer, you need to upgrade as soon as you get a comfort factor with the tool, even though you don’t use it often. In my case, I thought I made a minor adjustment (which I should have tested first) and the spray gun dribbled onto one of the tabletops. This caused a massive imperfection in the finish, which had to be sanded out and the top re-lacquered.

So, I’m in the market for a better spray gun.

Now that I’ve had my Apple watch for awhile, it’s lost some of it’s luster. One of the major negatives is battery life. Still long enough – more than a day, but short enough that when you find it’s time to leave for an appointment, the damn thing needs charging. And then this happened:
0117a4111caaa1b2b22b0070e059bb3b010aeb593eThat there is a big honkin’ crack, right at the top. So, do-it-your-selfer that I am, I started looking at new screens. To have Apple fix it costs nearly as much (almost) as I paid for the watch itself.

I don’t like it that much. The cheapest screen I can find would buy me a decent wristwatch.

I recently got a Ring Doorbell, which is Ok, and I’ll write about that later, but the app tells me there’s someone at my door, but I can’t do anything with that information, other than snooze the motion alerts.

I may fix it later, but these days I’m in no mood. I dropped my iPhone off my desk, something I’ve done many times before. But this time it hit at a funky angle on the top corner and cracked the screen. The one part that the case I bought didn’t cover. Replacing it was tedious in the extreme. Add to that the first screen Amazon shipped me didn’t work, screwing up the home button in the process. I was so pissed, I nearly threw it at the wall, and reactivated my spare 6S plus.

It’s fixed now, but I’ve already cracked it again. I will say that the screen kit, by Milmont, was pretty complete.

I have a lot to say about Cameras, having installed Ring, Nest, and a more conventional setup. So keep tuned.