Garden of the Skeltons

Watch what you wish for, you might get it.

Last post I was itching to get this train rolling. Now, the train has left the station and is picking up steam.

Let’s start with chemo, which was the first thing this week. I knew the infusion center was a nice place. And so it is; recliners, TV, wireless, amazing staff. My first appointment it was full of very old, and very battle worn people. Many bald, most skeleton thin, all sporting a disturbing grey pallor. One old woman had been at this off and on for an astonishing seven years. Later, younger people came in. Mostly guys, and very much the walking wounded. Where the older people were alert and reasonably cheerful, the younger appeared to be suffering immensely. One in particular appeared to have his nausea inhibitors fail. Loudly.

I felt very out of place. The noob, so to speak.

My regimen appears to come in huge bags. Like half liter bags, two of which are simply hydration. So after about an hour, you have the same effect as sitting there swilling 3.2 beer. Bursting bladder, no buzz, no joy, no taste. It came with a blast of anti-nausea medication, which appeared to work flawlessly. So far.

Included in the fun was huge bag of steroids. Where one of the grey people got a small syringe, I got what appeared to be a stiff double shot – a good three finger goblet full. I was kind of liking the idea of massive weight loss. I want and can use that. But with my luck, the steroids will give me the same gut and bitch-tits as the guy in “Fight Club”. The end effect of this was an astonishing burst of energy and productivity that lasted well into the evening. I also got sort of a weird, vague dizziness. Nothing that I would tag as nausea. I know from nausea. I’ve had benders go horribly wrong to where I’ve been driving the porcelain bus all night. I have drugs for that which take the dizziness away. We’ll see how well they work.

Radiation was yet another thing. A simple click into place, check the sights, and fire away. It’s maybe twenty minutes each day. About the only reaction so far is it made my neck irritated and swollen. And when I probed it, like an idiot, it was really sore – only on the inside. Granted this is only the start.

I’m in my honeymoon period.