The Saga Continues: American Air’s response

Honestly, When I wrote American I didn’t expect a response. Not that what follows is all that satisfying. It’s funny, a signed email with no process to respond. Not that I didn’t try.
He completely misses the points:
  1. If you charge someone extra, you should deliver. Note that I didn’t say they lost my bags. You charge for Group 1, it becomes less a bargain if everyone and their mother with higher group numbers board also.
  2. Swimming 50 yards upstream, and losing the access to open carry on space (the reason I buy group 1), to complain to the gate agent isn’t an option. The answer is to educate your agents and make them enforce the rules.
  3. The type of plane is immaterial if you cram the seats together so that there isn’t legroom, all the time allowing full reclining. Although I’m guessing with the newer plane maybe the seat backs won’t flop backward uncontrollably like on my last flight.
  4. Great. 737-800s. Just like Southwest and Alaska air. Wonder if they’ll narrow the seats in the rear (like the others) to keep the 3+3 rows. All the time before I found that out I thought it was my fat ass, why those seats where tight.
  5. He completely avoided mention of the bitchy union stewardesses.

Still, at least I got some sort of response. Mine was to sign up for Southwest’s frequent flyer program and now use them.


July 5, 2011

Dear Mr. Haney:

I have been asked to respond to your letter, and the several issues that you have raised. First, let me congratulate you on the recent promotion that you’ve earned.

Indeed, we have “unbundled“ many of services in order to keep our fares competitive. This also allows our customers to pay for only the products and services that they use. You’ve referred to, but without details, late delivery or lost baggage after paying for the transportation of your bags. It is certainly true that not every bag is delivered promptly to the carousel as expected, and we are continually working to improve our processes.

We were sorry to learn that your boarding experience has been less than you –or we — expect, and I am sorry that the agents did not appear to be diligent in working through the boarding list. You would not be remiss in bringing an action like this to the attention of the gate manager in the future.
We do appreciate your comments about our fleet. We are making important steps in the renewal of both our domestic and international fleets.

In April 2009 we accepted the delivery of the first of 84 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, intended to eventually replace our Boeing MD-80 fleet. These new aircraft are being incrementally introduced into our fleet. They offer many new features intended to make your trip much more enjoyable. We are also upgrading our current 737 fleet to offer the same seating and onboard technology as our new 737s.

The coach seat backs on our new 737-800s are made of modern cushion material that offer more comfort than our older seats. This, combined with the way the new seats recline, actually makes for a roomier feeling seat.
We have also added newer, bigger bins that will allow more customers to stow their roll-aboard bags wheels first. This will dramatically increase the number of bags that we can accept as carryon.

The onboard entertainment system has also been improved. Additionally, the new aircraft have 110V AC power available to all passengers.
We are confident, Mr. Haney, that our new aircraft will provide increased passenger comfort and convenience, while allowing us to remain competitive. I hope that we have the opportunity to welcome you aboard one of them soon.

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve sent my response via email. We received your letter and I located the email address you provided in your AAdvantage® member profile, so I have taken the liberty of responding electronically. Please continue to send us your comments through any communication channel that is most convenient for you. However, we’ll get to your feedback faster and respond more quickly if you contact us again via

Ronald A. Weiss
Customer Relations
American Airlines

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