The Anti-Travel Blog

How many sites are out there for travel?

How many strive to put a positive spin on the destination.

My guess is, lots and nearly all.

I travel quite a bit. At least once a month I find myself on a plane to somewhere. When I chat with people about this affliction, they often quip “Wow! that’s a cool place! did you go here? did you go there?”

No. I didn’t. I usually don’t.

My personal best was being a stones throw (heh heh) from Stone Henge. Didn’t bother, and it’s a long funny story why. And that’s the point of this blog, other than my random rantings. A place to post trip reports. I’ll also throw in funny trip stories from my sister Laura, who sent me a doc that had my sides splitting, having gone to many of the same spots and had the same observations.

So here it is.

Coming up soon I have Denver (again!), and Pittsburgh.